Project COJAM is a blockchain-based online social prediction platform in which the user creating the content and the user solving the content interact, and the smart contract recorded in the blockchain network pays rewards according to the prediction result of the collective intelligence. COJAM is a platform for finding solutions to uncertainties about current problems and past experiences from a future perspective. In COJAM, users earn rewards by creating content or participating in content.

What made us to make COJAM?

The Prediction Markets is a technique that contracts the results of future events necessary for decision making, makes them trade by the market mechanism, and then predicts the future with the price in a flexible and probabilistic manner. In the Prediction Markets, companies can use collective intelligence to predict the future at a relatively low cost, and market participants can receive financial rewards for their predictions. As a promising prediction mechanism that can efficiently and dynamically collect information scattered among a large number of people, the Prediction Markets is attracting great interest from entrepreneurs and researchers due to its novelty and accuracy. COJAM, a comprehensive knowledge platform based on prediction , started with the idea that your various questions may arise anytime, anywhere, and that "life is full of questions" meaning anyone can predict their own questions. From the simple question of 'Will it rain or not tomorrow', everything that surrounds us, such as art and culture, sports, community, competition, crowd resolution, economy, science, etc., can be content of predictions. New prediction content created by users in the COJAM platform and the processes of solving prediction content will soon become the resources of big data that many users are looking for. Project Cojam presents a blockchain-based online social prediction platform where anyone can create content, anyone can solve the content, and anyone can receive rewards through the content.

Outline of COJAM Platform

Unlike existing networks, the blockchain network has a decentralized network structure that does not have a central management agency. Since all nodes participating in the network share the same ledger, if a specific node attempts forgery or alteration or enters an incorrect value, it can be verified by other nodes that the value is incorrect. Blockchain can be very useful in terms of guaranteeing the reliability of data, but since all nodes share the same ledger, there are also disadvantages that it is easily overloaded and slows down as data increases compared to existing networks. Therefore, Cojam maximizes efficiency by paralleling the blockchain network and the existing network through a hybrid back office structure. In the Cojam platform, the blockchain network is applied to a Cojam Server where the quest is officially registered, the market contract where results are registered and rewards are paid according to the results, and a virtual asset wallet (Henesis Wallet) or personal wallet (Kaikas, Klip, Metamask and etc.) that allows users to deposit and store CT or supported cryptocurrencies to participate in the quest. In other words, the blockchain network is applied to core processes such as quest registration and progress, result registration, and reward distribution that require transparency to enhance the reliability of the Cojam platform, and other processes such as social media and community functions, big data conversion, and first quest creation are managed by the COJAM DAO members, allowing users to use the Cojam services faster and lighter.

Is COJAM safe to use? or audited?

COJAM smart contracts have gone through the audit process by Certik, HaechiAudit, and SlowMist, the top security auditors for blockchain.

The prediction platform security is COJAM's top priority and we aim for decentralization, so we have put out effort into certify our smart contract from the top auditors around the world not one but many. However it does not mean that our smart contract is perfect. Please participate COJAM at your own risk. You may experience unexpected smart contract issues and network problems. All COJAM's contract codes and transactions are publicly verifiable through the block explorer and COJAM's github. We are not liable for any financial loss.

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