Wallet for COJAM TOKEN

Supported Wallet

1) Kaikas

2) Metamask

3) Klip (only available for KR users)

4) COJAM wallet

Contract Detail

Network : Klaytn

Contract : 0x7f223b1607171b81ebd68d22f1ca79157fd4a44b

Symbol : CT

Decimal : 18


You can use your given wallet from COJAM platform to store your CT. COJAM pays your gas fee when using your wallet from the platform as the primary use of it is to participate in the prediction content. However, you will have below restrictions. 1) There is a minimum transfer limit of 1,000 CT when leaving the platform 2) You need to link your Google Authenticator for withdrawing 3) Even though COJAM use Haechi Wallet, one of the safest wallets in the industry, we do not guarantee the safety of your asset 4) You can only store CT

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