Introduction of DAO


Since the start of the COJAM project, the foundation has been working hard to achieve decentralization of the prediction process and believing the power of the collective intelligence. However, as we all know a prediction is not an area that A.I or coding can conquer but we could close the gap with the power of the collective intelligence and the blockchain solution. In turn, we came up with the idea of 'COJAM PREDICTION GROUP' (CPG) with the concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Simply COJAM will let CPG to run the whole prediction process from the content validation to the resolution of the prediction. CPG will have collective rights to run COJAM's market smart contract and their rights will be given by the ownership of 'COJAM NFT' which will be sold in CT only. CPG will be rewarded by their activities in prediction ground process and any governmental decision made by themselves. The primary reward will be shared from the success of prediction content, marketing or promotional reward from the COJAM's reward wallet. COJAM believes that the introduction of DAO concept will decentralize the prediction platform.

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