Token Information

Genesis Token Allocation

Reward (25%)

Platform Reward allocation has the biggest portion of COJAM' token allocation. COJAM believes the power of collective intelligence and the best practice for users to actively participate in prediction market is to reward them. COJAM DAO will be the main beneficiary to encourage them to actively participate in validation and confirmation process of prediction quests. On the other hand, normal users are also entitled to get some rewards from this allocation to boost their participation. Possible scheme for platform reward distribution : - Daily Reward (1CT - 30CT per day per account / need to be claimed) - Join Reward (1CT - 30CT per account) - Bonus Reward for DAO members who participate in validation and confirmation process (planned) - Compensation Reward for users who experience unforeseen errors or hacks - Ambassadorship Reward for influences or heavy prediction users (selected by the COJAM DAO) - Prize for the most accurate prediction user (selected by the COJAM DAO) Please note that detailed scheme will be announced at anytime. Stay tuned!

Between June 2022 and Jan 2023, less than 500,000 CTs has been out as the platform reward. This is due to the excessive number of abusers and lack of platform users.

To increase the circulation and liquidity, 105m CTs has been allocated for 21 months as of 17 FEB 2023 for the platform rewards and liquidity airdrops. The rest of 1b CTs will be used for the project management to boost the users and continuous upgrade of prediction features.

Possible new scheme for reward distribution: - Platform event (1CT - 30CT per day per account / event period to be announced) - Bonus Reward for DAO members who participate in validation and confirmation process (event period to be announced) - Ambassadorship Reward for influences or heavy prediction users (selected by the COJAM DAO) - Liquidity Airdrops on DEX and CEX (event period to be announced)

Reserve (20%)

This allocation is subjected to be burned when the COJAM DAO reaches 10,000 members and if they agree with it. Reserve is purely prepared for in case of hacks or loss of wallet key for key wallets. The address of Reserve wallet is publicly announced and secured by Haechi Wallet for maximum security. Reserve has been released and burned as of 26 DEC 2022 due to recent market recession. 45% of the Reserve CTs have been released but in counter 55% of the Reserve CTs have been burnt to control the overall supply. In overall 11.83% of the Total Supply have been decreased immediately. Reserve Wallet is no longer exist.

Marketing (15%)

COJAM always seek to spread the power of collective intelligence. This allocation is carefully calculated for Airdrops, marketing reserves for CEX listing and many other purposes. To stop the excessive circulation of its allocation, This allocation is also locked and vested with the schedule.

Marketing CT has been unlocked completely as of 17 FEB 2023 to boost the project's awareness and get listed on further CEX after the successful listing on MEXC.

Sales (10%)

Fundraising purpose allocation that helped COJAM to start the project. Mainly done by private sales and 4m CT as IEO with Flybit exchange. We also done buyback and burn to control the circulation and keeping the value of CT. Detailed information can be found on Xangle. Leftover sales amount has been burned as below : Buyback and Burn as below :

Team & Advisor (10%)

Our COJAM team and advisors are entitled to incentives. COJAM team is mainly formed by developers and we believe that they are the ones who really need encouragement and incentives in blockchain industry. Although we cannot open how many CTs they get individually but vested between July 2022 ~ Feb 2024.

Research & Development (10%)

Area of prediction is something that will never be predicted but COJAM will never stop to close the gap between technology and real-world prediction. This allocation will be used in fundraising for prediction research and development. COJAM will work closely with the COJAM DAO when the fund is required and the 1st lockup amount will be released from Jan 2023.

Operation (5%)

This allocation is used for daily operation of COJAM platform, paying bills, managing exchange pairs and many other operational related use. Please check our Token Distribution Table.

Partner (5%)

COJAM always seek for cooperation with other blockchain companies to spread the power of collective intelligence. This allocation will purely be used for partnership purpose and the COJAM DAO will work closely with COJAM foundation by put on a vote for whom to cooperate with or how many CTs to use. Once the COJAM DAO formed, this allocation will be on board.

Token Allocation & Vesting Schedule

Xangle Announcement

Token Distribution Table *please note that % of allocation is calculated from the current supply not the genesis amount of 5,000,000,000 CTs

Circulating Supply

Period between Dec 2022 ~ Dec 2023 *TOTAL SUPPLY of CT may be changed due to market situation .

Contract Information

Network : Klaytn Name : COJAM TOKEN Symbol : CT Contract : 0x7f223b1607171b81ebd68d22f1ca79157fd4a44b Decimal : 18 Initial Supply : 5,000,000,000 Total Supply : 4,633,262,533 (As of 29 Sep 2022)

Token Burn

30 Jun 2021 175,870 CT

4 Aug 2021 22,051,169 CT

15 Jun 2022 344,510,427 CT

26 DEC 2022 550,000,000 CT

Token Smart Contract Audit


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