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COJAM works together with the industry's leading legal experts to move quickly into the rapidly changing blockchain world. Give warm welcomes to our advisors below.

Dr. Kim Seong Gon

He is a professional legal scholar specialized in blockchain industry and he has served at numerous legal and blockchain institutions: - The European Blockchain Center in University of Kassel, Germany - Associate Editor of Frontiers in Blockchain - Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association - Visiting Research Fellow in Konstanz University, Germany COJAM belives that the join of Dr. Kim Seong Gon will greatly help COJAM to adapt in this fast changing blockchain industry. Email : Lastest Thesis :


COJAM made a Legal Consulting Agreement with attorney at law, ‘EYP LAW’. EYP LAW was established by expert attorneys who had accumulated extensive experiences and knowledge through many years of practices at leading law firms and global corporation in 2007. EYP Law’s fundamental value exists in rapid and effective provision of top-quality services for clients in corporate practices, construction and engineering, banking and securities, international transaction and international arbitration. Give warm welcome to ‘EYP LAW’ Website : Email: Contact : Trade Tower #1004, 511 Yeongdong-daero, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel: +82 02–531–8000 Fax: +82 02–531–8001

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